About us

About Us

Jagadamba plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd

JAGADAMBA PLASTIC PVT.LTD was established in 2063 which proves to be the milestone of Manakamana group that everyone knows today. It has learned from past and tried to make a better future in plastic sector by putting all efforts on invention, innovation, reformation, replacement and market extension. Jagadamba plastic pvt.ltd is an enterprise including research, design, manufacture and market department. Strictly conformed to the international standard and based on the introduction of the advanced technology. We are striving for the perfect service to completely show our corporate image and product brand.
The entire manufacturing, designing, testing are carried out by our qualified team of engineers and experts on regular basis. Our various products are certified with NS by government of Nepal. Today we are proud and thankful that we are being loved and are able to be one of the best plastic industries in our country over coming all the needs, desire of our customers. It’s all because of our customers, employees, distributors and advisors that we are able to stand at the peak. And we will keep on serving and fulfilling our customer needs and desires the way we are doing now.